Recycling Expansion at Habitat for Humanity Windsor-Essex

Habitat for Humanity Windsor-Essex will be able to expand its recycling initiative thanks to a large grant from the Ontario Trillium Foundation.

It received $723,000 to purchase six bins, a pick-up truck, lifting equipment and money to pay employees to pick up old kitchens and appliances to divert it from the landfill.

It expects with the new equipment and staff will be able to divert 200 tons per year.

Restore Manager Rick Young says this allows habitat to take recycling to the next level.

"If we are going to say we recycle, we gotta recycle so if we bring in a set of cabinets and it doesn't make it to the floor, we can now take it apart, put the wood in the wood bin, then we will send it out to a place out in the county, they grind it up and they use it in the greenhouses."


Habitat for Humanity receives Ontario Trillium Foundation grant worth $723,000. April 5, 2019 (Photo by AM800's Teresinha Medeiros)

Young says everything it picks up will be re-used.

"Everything that we are doing now is now getting into the recycle process, cardboard gets recycled, wood gets recycled, all the metal gets recycled so we pick up appliances from somebody, if it doesn't pass the test, its not suitable to sell, then we will take it apart."

Habitat's Executive Director Fiona Coughlin says this allows its current recycling program to expand.

"We were reaching the people of the city of Windsor mainly, this is going to allow us to reach the county a lot better as well."

Habitat received the funding back in September 2018, but the new equipment showed up on Friday.

Anyone who has something to donate should call Habitat for Humanity at 519-969-3762.