Registration Open For Goodfellows Christmas Baskets

Registration is underway for the Windsor Goodfellows Christmas baskets.

President Gilbert Barrichello says applicants were lined up when the doors opened on Tuesday.

"People started gathering there before we opened up on Tuesday and we had the staff and we were able to process them all," says Barichello.  "The ones that came in the morning and the ones that came in the afternoon. So if that is an indication and it was good weather so I think we maybe have a busy season."

5,100 baskets were handed out last year to those in need.


Goodfellows Spokesperson Gilbert Barichello (photo by AM800's Peter Langille)

He says the Goodfellows is working closely with local agencies.

"We have reached some agreements with agencies where we can help them during the year as opposed to just waiting at Christmas time where some of them perhaps instead of the agency getting the basket for example having the people come down and register with us," says Barichello.

Registration continues until December 7th at the Goodfellows building on Park St. near Church St.

Applicants need to bring identification and their latest income statement.

The baskets will be handed out December 12 to the 14.