Relief From The Heat Has Arrived, But Won't Stick Around

Get ready for some relief from the heat. 

According to Environment Canada, a cold front moving into Windsor-Essex will bring possible thunderstorms and cooler weather.

Meteorologist Geoff Coulson says daytime highs for the rest of the week will be in the low 20C's before returning to more seasonal temperatures next week.

He says a cold air mass is making its way across the Great Lakes.

"A pretty dramatic shift in the weather. We've been going through this heat event. Heat warnings have been posted for the last few days. We really started to see the heat build during the weekend," says Coulson. "We're watching a cold front right now that's up over the northern Great Lakes. It's going to be sweeping southward and a noticeable difference in terms of the temperature and humidity in the air."

But Coulson says the heat will make a return.

"Once this front goes through and the showers end, temperatures on Friday and Saturday will be around 20C or 21C. A little cooler than our normal high of 24C for this time of year, but then we do expect temperatures to bounce back to milder than seasonal or warmer than seasonal conditions during the work week next week," he says.

After a brief cold spell, September is also expected to be warmer than normal.

"The longer range models for the month of September are indicating, overall for the month, we are expecting temperatures to be warmer than normal," says Coulson. "There could be a few cool days here and there as we dip down to somewhat cooler than normal conditions, but overall that trend is to be somewhat warmer than normal for September and even into the first part of October.

Environment Canada is also keeping a close eye on what's left of tropical storm Gordon.

Coulson says moisture from the storm could hit Windsor-Essex Sunday or Monday, potentially causing heavy rains across the region.