Repairs on the Way for Front Rd. Bridge in LaSalle

If you're a regular user of the Front Rd. Bridge in LaSalle, expect a summer full of delays.

Town council has approved rehabilitation work on the bridge at Turkey Creek near Reaume Rd.

Director of Public Works, Peter Marra says the $2.3-million project did come in slightly over the original $2-million budget, but the town and County of Essex decided to go ahead with the work.

Marra says there will be lane reductions once construction begins.

"The work will reduce the area down to two lanes, one lane in each direction, so there will be a little bit of congestion in that area trying to get through. It's necessary work to do the rehabilitation to that bridge," says Marra.


Front Road Bridge at Turkey Creek, April 9, 2019 (Photo by AM800's Rob Hindi)

He says detour signs will be posted.

"There will be a couple really short interim, full closures but we'll be working on trying to get those done off hours and in the evenings," says Marra.  "Those are just to ensure and set up the proper detours and do some of the initial work where we can't have traffic in the area."

Marra says the town has wanted to do the work the past two years but the project was delayed due to other traffic projects in the area.

"The bridge is going to be lifted," says Marra. "They have to replace the abutments, do some repairs on the abutments underneath the bridge and then they will lower the bridge back down on the new abutments. There is a process of having to do that work, so they have to work from underneath, lift the bridge up, do the repair work and lower it back down."

Amico Infrastructures has been hired for the job with work expected to be completed in October.

The town and the county will each pay for half of the project using money from the gas tax fund.