Resident Wants Gaps In LaSalle Trail Network Addressed

A LaSalle resident wants to know why a gap in the town's trail network hasn't been closed for several years.

At a recent open-house town officials were on hand to answer any and all questions for residents. Some brought the kids out to meet local firefighters and police, others asked questions about town services, but some came to raise concerns.

Jeff Paquette lives near a trail to nowhere running along Villa Maria Blvd. just past Huron Church Line Rd.  He says a beautiful trail stretching down Normandy St. runs through his neighbourhood before abruptly ending.

That wouldn't necessarily be an issue for Paquette and his neighbours — but he says he can throw a stone and hit the Herb Gray Pkwy. trail network from the end of the path.

"Our main trail along Villa Maria Blvd., that's our main trail from Normandy St., doesn't actually connect to the biggest trail in the city of Windsor, which is along the Herb Gray Pkwy," he says. "I was just questioning public works about why it doesn't connect, why isn't it finished a little better, and what can I do to make that happen."

It's not the first time he's brought the gap up to town officials, and a few other gaps in what he says is an otherwise great network of paths.

"About two years ago, when I brought this up to a council member when they were doing the by-elections, he suggested I talk to the public works department and gave me a name," Paquette says. "It just fell on deaf ears."

At the end of the day, Paquette just wants an explanation, and some action.

"The trails are a great thing for adults and kids alike, the Herb Gray Pkwy. has a fantastic trail system and LaSalle has a lot of great trails," he says. "I'm just looking at, in this part of LaSalle, why our Normandy St. trail doesn't connect to the Herb Gray Pkwy. trail. It doesn't make any sense to me."

For the town's part, officials say they are aware of some holes in LaSalle's trail network. Manager of Engineering Jonathan Osborne tells AM800 News concerns will be addressed as part of an Active Transportation Master Plan in 2018.

Paquette says he still plans to bring the issue to council with a few of his neighbours in the coming months to get things moving sooner.