Restoring A Piece Of Windsor's History Would Cost $750,000

Windsor City Council is being asked to restore a piece of the city's history.

It will cost about $750,000 to restore an electric streetcar which dates back to 1886 which is currently housed in a warehouse on University Ave.

"We were the first city in Canada to have to an electric streetcar back in 1886 and that system provided regional transit, believe it or not back, from the late 1800s to about 1939 in the City of Windsor," says Windsor Mayor Drew Dilkens.

Speaking on AM800's the Morning Drive, Mayor Dilkens admits it is in rough shape but the plan would be to restore it and place it on the riverfront.

"This is a tough decision," he says. "I think members of council will have to say listen it is going to cost us between $500,000 to $750,000 to have this streetcar restored to its original condition and it is not that we ever want to see it run again, it is to put it on a static display."

Dilkens says there are only three of the 220 cars that operated in the city that still remain.

"This is really our last chance to get a piece of our history. It is an authentic piece, an original piece of our history and I would love to see council take advantage of the opportunity and find a way to restore this streetcar so everyone can enjoy it and appreciate a part of our history."

The money would come from surplus funds from the FINA World Swimming Championships and from the Enhanced Capital Budget.

The issue comes up at Windsor City Council on Monday, October 16.