Results Of Bicycle Road Safety Audit Come To Windsor City Council

The results of a Bicycle Road Safety Audit for several high collision areas are coming before Windsor City Council Monday night.

Intersections with the highest cycling collision rates in Wards 3, 4, 5 and 8 now have several immediate, short term, and long-term solutions. Those solutions vary from adding, signage, moving crossings or adding cross-rides, and changing turning and parking practices to increase visibility and driver and cyclist education.

Bike Windsor-Essex Executive Director Lori Newton tells AM800 News the recommendations are a step in the right direction, but questions still loom over when some of them will be put in place.

"Really some of these are literally paint on the road and some education, so our question will be for the short term are we looking at six-months, are we looking at a year, are we looking at six-years, because we know we need them sooner than later," she says.

Seven collisions occurred at the intersection of Lauzon Pkwy. And Tecumseh Rd. E., the most out of the five intersections identified and audited — the immediate recommendation is additional signage to encourage cyclists to get off their bikes and walk across and call attention to an existing multi-use trail.

The short-term solution, which Newton would like a timeline on, is a cross-ride, something not found in Windsor-Essex.

Cross-rides are essentially crosswalks for bikes. At these intersections the cross-ride may be identified with thick painted blocks on either side and sometimes enhanced with arrowed bicycle stencils — there is also a light indicating when the cyclist has the right of way.

"They've made some recommendations for example on Lauzon Pkwy. and there's immediate and short term and long term recommendations.The long term ones we'd love to have in place as soon as possible," says Newton. "We would love to partner with the city for educating people on how to get through an intersection with a cross-ride because we don't have any of those here yet."

The price tag for immediate changes is estimated at $6,000 and will come out of the city's existing budget.

Tecumseh Rd. E. and Windsor Ave., Drouillard Rd. and Wyandotte St. E., and Walker Rd. and Ypres Ave. were also studied as part of the audit, which is part of developing the city's Active Transportation Plan.

 Newton will be addressing council Monday night.

— with files from AM800's Rob Hindi.