Ribbon Cutting Expected Soon for New PET/CT Scanner at WRH

"It's here, it's working," says Windsor Regional Hospital President and CEO, David Musyj.

Over one month after it arrived, the new PET/CT scanner at Windsor Regional Hospital is ALMOST ready for use.

After a few delays at the border, the 68,000-pound machine was delivered on April 28th.

Musyj says staff were waiting on what he calls "one last critical part," which arrived on Thursday.

"We already started our staff training so you should be hearing rather shortly with respect to a ribbon cutting ceremony and getting it up and running and taking patients."

He says before an actual patient gets to use the machine, there will be staff member guinea pigs.

"They haven't done it yet and someone will be, because you have to go through protocols so someone actually has to sit on the machine and go through it so as patients come in for that particular PET scan, they have the protocols all set up and ready to go for that patient."

The machine sits in its own portable unit outside the Windsor Regional Cancer Centre on Lens Ave, "I wish we had the facilities inside this building to house it but we don't," says Musyj. "And as a result, that's kind of the future until we move from either this facility or Ouellette, we're going to be operating out of portables."

The diagnostic machine will provide more than 600 scans every year and prevent hundreds of local patients from having to drive up the 401 to Mississauga, London or Hamilton to get a scan, which is primarily used for cancer diagnoses.

The Ministry of Health is picking up the entire cost of the $3.5-million scanner.