River Lights Winter Festival Gets $250K Boost


Amherstburg's River Lights Winter Festival will shine brighter this year.

The federal government has announced $250,000 for the festival to improve winter economic development in town.

"Overjoyed," says Mayor Aldo DiCarlo. "That is a considerable amount of money for anybody but for a small town, it is fantastic."

As a result, the festival will be extended from November 16, 2019 into the winter of 2020 to include activities.

The money will also be used for infrastructure and facility improvements such as electrical upgrades at Kings Navy Yard and Toddy Jones Park.

DiCarlo says the money will be used to improve electrical infrastructure.

"The whole display has been kinda pieced together by volunteers and they have done a great job for us for more than a decade, but it is permanent event for us it looks like and we need to make sure the infrastructure is safer and more permanent as well."

DiCarlo tells AM800 News the funding stablizes the event.

"We have just kinda pieced it together as we could by an incredible group of volunteers but this will basically say that it is not going anywhere for years to come, I'd say.:

DiCarlo points out the festival is well attended.

"A must see especially for families," notes DiCarlo. "The biggest feedback I get is not that you need kids to enjoy it but the families really love coming out and seeing the lights, grabbing a hot chocolate."

The infrastructure improvement will take place this fall.


— With files from AM800's Rusty Thomson