Riverside Minor Baseball Association Van Found

Riverside Minor Baseball Association has located its stolen mini-van thanks to a tip from a resident in east-Windsor.

The black 2010 Caravan was stolen out of the club's garage on Ontario St. on Feb. 25 — the van is used to transport equipment to facilitate games for hundreds of kids in the Riverside area.

Association Active Past President Tom Laporte says Windsor Police Service reached out to the club on Wednesday to tell them the van had been located on Atwater Crescent in Forest Glade.

"Through the help of Facebook, AM800 and CTV Windsor, we were able to do some interviews and get the word out and describe it. There was a tip that led to the discovery," says Laporte.."We want to thank everybody for keeping a lookout for us. Whoever did call in the tip, I want to thank them too"

Laporte says the van is a little worse for wear, having been involved in several reported hit-and-run incidents that damaged the body and suspension.

"One of the people that was hit by the van described the occupants as being a bunch of teenagers, so it looks like it was them," he says. "Inside the van there was some drug paraphernalia."

The organization will know if the van can be repaired or if it's a write-off by Monday.

Anyone with information is asked to call Windsor police or Crime Stoppers anonymously.