Riverside Minor Baseball Association Van Stolen

The Riverside Minor Baseball Association is reeling after its van was stolen.

The black 2010 Caravan was stolen out of its baseball centre garage on Ontario St. a week ago, Monday,February 25, 2019.

Association Active Past President Tom Laporte says someone went into the garage, got in the van, backed out of the garage, then closed the garage door and took off.

Laporte says the van is used mostly from mid April to September.

"We use it to go from diamond to diamond to chalk the fields, put the bases in and just general upkeep of the Riverside Minor Baseball Centre as well."

He says the suspect tried to hide the theft.

"Whoever took it, opened the garage door, an automatic push the button, open the garage door, got in the van and then drove the van out and then got out of the van and closed the door."

The next day, police were notified the van was involved in two minor hit and runs.

Police were called.

 According to the Riverside Minor Baseball Association Facebook page, the vehicle's licence plate is CENM126.