RiverWest Neighbourhood In Windsor Takes Next Step To Brand Itself

A group of Windsor residents is hoping to attract some attention to their 'RiverWest' location.

About 50 banners will be going up along Riverside Dr. West, University Ave. and Wyandotte St.,  depicting the uniqueness of the area between downtown Windsor and Sandwich Towne.

RiverWest refers to the area from the Ambassador Bridge to Crawford Ave. and from the Detroit River down to College Ave.

According to Co-organizer Jeff Williams,  residents and business owners want to be on par with areas such as Walkerville, Sandwich Towne and Erie St.

He says branding the area brings about a sense of destination, teamwork, belonging and togetherness.

"They are going to roughly depict a large part of the sculptures on the riverfront as well as Assumption Church, local food, Lancer sports and all of the great things going on."


A RiverWest banner (Courtesy of Jeff Williams)

Williams hopes RiverWest brings about a sense of destination and belonging.

"I think every area generally is bolstered by branding, it does a couple of things," ye says. "We have a lot of students in the area which is great." He says. "It supports a lot of the unique restaurants and shops all along."


The banners are expected to be up in the next month and cost about $5,000 — they;re being paid for through community fundraising, ward funds and trade.