Road Dispute Resolved For Sellick Plant

Essex Council is one step closure to granting a Harrow business access to a much-needed road.

Sellick Equipment's new facility has been waiting to use the Clark St. extension near Roseborough Rd.  to move machinery for months.

The road is currently owned by a developer who doesn't want the truck traffic due to liability issues.

As it stands, the road would not revert to the town until August 15th.

A by-law brought before council Monday night would see that date moved to June 19th.

Councillor Sherry Bondy says the town did the right thing by moving the date up to June.

"We had the first and second reading of the bylaw," says Bondy.  "So June 19th we'll have the third reading and Sellick's will be well on their way."

The company offered up an assurance of $20,000 to help persuade the town to move forward, but Bondy says that wasn't necessary.

"The road has been built to the stand that it needs to.  We had great contractors do the road and we're not heading into winter.  I'm really confident that the road is going to hold up," says Bondy.

Sellick has been making forklifts in Harrow for 47 years.