Rodent Control Program In Windsor In High Demand

Windsor's rodent control program is in high demand.

In January, the city approved funding in the 2017 budget for a rat abatement program, eliminating a $100 fee that was attached to the program in 2016.

Speaking on AM800's 'The Lynn Martin Show', Manager of Environmental Services Anne-Marie Albidone says it's tough to say if we are seeing more rats this year but they do know more people are using the rat abatement program compared with 2016.

So far this year, 740 homes have been serviced by the rat program compared with just over 500 homes in all of last year.

"We're still seeing those numbers at a relatively high rate. So we really encourage people to call 3-1-1 and get into the program if they think they do have rats, there's no additional charge for them to do that," she says.

"We'll then set up an appointment with you and do the first inspection and then usually around a week after the first inspection is when the baiting would start."

Albidone is also encouraging everyone to do what they can to eliminate any food source for rats like garbage but also food left out for feral cats, birds and squirrels. And if you are going to leave food out for those animals, only leave it out for a short time.