Roseland Ponds Holding Water As Expected

The new storm water management system at Roseland Golf Course appears to be doing exactly what it's supposed to.

Last fall the 8th and 9th holes were brought back to their original 1926 Donald Ross design and storm water retention ponds were added.

This spring, with the huge amount of rain we've received, those ponds are getting a full test.

Roseland General Manager Phil Roberts says the system is functioning perfectly.

"From a storm water standpoint, as I understand it, are functioning exactly as they were designed and we actually can notice from a lay person's standpoint how the water fills one pond and then the next and then the next pond and that system of retention seems to be working very very well"

Roberts says part of the benefit is that areas next to the course are not getting flooded when it rains.

"The golf course is actually designed to hold water as well. so we're not dumping all the water from the golf course into the drain and adding additional stress to the system.  So there has been marginal improvements in the golf course drainage"

Roberts says the added benefit is a more challenging golf game on those 2 holes because of the water features.