Roundabout In The Works For Sandwich Town

The entrance to Sandwich Town could soon be getting a facelift.

A roundabout is proposed for where Riverside Drive West meets University Ave West and Rosedale Ave.

Ward 2 Councillor John Elliot says the plan is to put a Chief Tecumseh and General Brock statue in the centre of the roundabout to create a gateway into the neighbourhood.

Elliot says it'll be a nice addition.

"The Tecumseh/Brock statue that's going to be placed in the middle, basically that's going to be the introduction as you're coming into Sandwich Town. So it should be pretty monumental. We're looking forward to it. Hopefully it's going to have that 'wow factor'."

He says the roundabout will help with traffic as well.

"It's going to alleviate that traffic nightmare right up there off Riverside, University and Rosedale. It's a pretty dangerous corner for many years. So the roundabout, for starters, is going to alleviate all that pressure and make it a little bit safer coming through those intersections."


Location of proposed Sandwich Town roundabout (Photo courtesy of the City of Windsor)

Elliot says the statue will help highlight the heritage of the area.

"It's a War of 1812 bronze statue with General Brock and Chief Tecumseh to provide another piece of the historical puzzle. You're coming into Sandwich Town, you're got the roundabout and then the statue. For people that don't know their way down there that'll be a good landmark piece."

The Sandwich Town roundabout will be discussed by the Planning, Heritage and Economic Development Standing Committee Tuesday night.

It'll then have to move on to City Council for final approval.