Run For Rocky Day Continues Legacy

Tuesday April 9 is Run for Rocky Day in the City of Windsor.

It's to commemorate Rocky Campana and the Run for Rocky Legacy. Rocky Campana took his life in 2012 after struggling with depression.

He  was motivated in life to make change for the LGBTQ community he was proudly part of. 

The Campana Family held five Run for Rocky fundraising events and has now created the R4R Legacy Project.

Rocky's mother, Nancy Campana, has spearheaded events over the years.

She says this year, they're funding eight educators and 20 students to attend the OUTShine Conference in Fredericton in May.

Campana says they've helped people attend the event since it began in 2013.

"We were able to bring that first year, 18 educators and students to Toronto," says Campana. "I myself have attended a lot of different conferences for my own business and I can tell you that it was a life changing conference for these students and educators."

Campana tells AM800 News the OUTShine Conference has made a real difference in the lives of students.

"We know that this conference has saved lives for some of our teens that have gone.  They have written to us, they have told us it was a life changer for the trajectory of their lives," says Campana. "We deem it important to create GSA leaders in our schools and ensure that are part of their GSA are finding a place within theirselves"

Campana says the R4R Legacy is also purchasing copies of a book explaining the history of the Pride Flag for every grade school in the Greater Essex County District School Board.