Run For Rocky Helps Five More Students

The Run for Rocky legacy continues to support students in the Windsor area.

Five high school graduates are receiving $1,000 each for their post secondary education through the Legacy Project.

Rob and Nancy Campana, Rocky's parents, presented the scholarships to the students.

Katelyn Seto didn't expect to be noticed for her participation in the Gay-Straight Alliance.

"It was really amazing to have this opportunity to actually be recognized for the leadership because it's not about recognition," she says.  "I was always operating under the assumption that it would be behind the scenes so having this was amazing."

Luke Morrison began to recognize his identity in Grade 9.

"That's when I really realized that I'm definitely on the queer spectrum somewhere, so I was like I should go speak with the GSA because my sister came out and she started it," says Morrison. "I also wanted to continue it almost like a legacy."

Marissa Osborne says fairness and equality have always motivated her.

"It means so much because I've worked so hard in my GSA for the past four years," adds Osborne. "I've helped a lot of people with their coming out and I've been a supportive person throughout my whole school community, no matter who they are what their race is, what their gender is, sexuality, no matter what it is."

Rocky Campana died in 2012 at the age of 23 after an attempt on his own life.

His parents wanted to highlight his struggle and held five Runs for Rocky raising $383,000.