Saints Gaming Live Brings Hundreds To St. Clair College

St. Clair College played host to more than 500 videogamers this weekend for Saints Gaming Live.

The two day event was the first of its kind in Canada, giving future and present students a chance to try out for the College's eSports team which is set to launch this coming school year.

Those in attendance played for cash prizes and scholarships.

Event Coordinator Dean Hayes says it provides a unique opportunity for gamers.

"A lot of them, they do do a lot of gaming and they think that it can't bring them anywhere and we want to take the opportunity to say, "Hey, we'll help you out. You play for us. You represent us. You do a good job with it and we're going to help you with your education and help you find your path in life."


Photos from the first ever Saints Gaming Live event (Photos by AM800's Zander Broeckel)

Anthony Quaggiotto also helped coordinate the event and says this was a great way to kick off the eSports team.

"We wanted to use this as a scouting event, have players come in, show their talent, see what they can offer to St. Clair College in terms of our team. The reaction was really good. A lot of the players here are looking to come to St. Clair to run for that team. We're really happy with the response."

Hayes adds, gamers are finally getting some recognition.

"The gaming community has been around for a long time and I think it's about time that they get something for working hard toward what they do. There's nothing wrong with doing that while supporting their education. We wanted to be the first ones in Canada. We wanted to push everybody else to say like, "Hey, catch up."

In addition to the grand prizes, any incoming St. Clair College student who took part in the event received a $500 tuition bursary.

Saints Gaming is Canada's only officially sanctioned collegiate eSports program.

Lambton College in Sarnia is working on getting a similar program in place for its students.

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