Saints Get Publicity From Hollywood Star

A popular Hollywood star has been seen sporting St. Clair College gear.

Adam Sandler was spotted on a number of social media posts wearing St. Clair College hoodies.

College spokesperson John Fairley says St. Clair gave Sandler a couple of hoodies and some other items last April when he was in town for a show at Caesars Windsor.

He says Sandler wanted to play some basketball when he was in Windsor and the college opened up its gym for him and his team.

"One of his things is he wanted to play hoop so Caesars contacted us and so I was there, met him at the Sports Plex and they played some basketball," says Fairley.  "A couple people from his entourage and on the way out we never miss an opportunity, you always give them stuff so we gave him some sweatshirts and everything."


(Photo courtesy of @catherinelinhjacobs via Instagram)

Fairley says it's exciting for the college.

"One thing you look at a picture of someone taking a selfie with Adam Sandler and then you look a little closer and say oh man that's ours and so it made an impact and hey Saints Nation grows by one," says Fairley."  

Fairley says he was made aware of the posts on Thursday.