Saints To Stay In Tecumseh

Lacasse Park will remain the home for the St. Clair Saints men's baseball program.

It's been six years since the Saints started playing home games in Tecumseh and St. Clair's Athletic Coordinator Ted Beale says that partnership will continue.

Since making the move, the Saints have won six titles including the 2017 National Championship.

Beale says Lacasse Park is the talk of the league.

"We're very fortunate to play in a facility that is adequate in terms of our needs as a playing surface, but then a person just coming to the game and enjoying the atmosphere around the ballpark, it's one of the greatest fields. The grandstand itself is enough just to allow for a great atmosphere at the park, but obviously the baseball and everything that's included in that, it's just a great place to be."

Beale says the Saints will stay in Tecumseh as long as the town will have them.

"Obviously we want to contribute to that partnership and make sure that lasts for as long as possible. The facility meets our needs. It meets the needs of what a bystander would be in terms of the fans and that kind of thing. So obviously we want to commit to that partnership for as long as possible and quite honestly, we've got great luck there. We're doing pretty well with those championships and we want to keep that string going."

St. Clair hosted the provincial championship at Lacasse Park last year, ultimately taking home the crown for the fifth straight year with a 1-0 win over Humber College.