Salters To Hit Residential Streets In Windsor

Given the weather conditions today, Windsor crews were be salting residential streets instead of plowing them.

According to Environment Canada, some areas of Windsor-Essex received 14 centimetres or about 5 inches of snow, while others received much less.

"We have caught up overnight," says Windsor Engineer Mark Winterton. "We had the plows out all night and the side streets are packed down and in a bit of an icy condition so we are going to be sending out the plows to salt in the residential streets."

"Running plows on a street that is already packed down isn't going to do much but damage curbs and damage pavement so we want to be responsible with the use of the plows."

Winterton says it is easier for salters to do their job if cars are not parked on residential streets.

As well, homeowners have 12 hours to shovel the snow from their sidewalks and commercial property owners have four hours.