Salvation Army Workers Accept Severance Package — 'Rescind' Call For Boycott 

A call for Windsor-Essex to boycott the Salvation Army has been rescinded after employees agreed to a severance package that leaves the door open for a new store in Windsor.

More than 20-workers gathered at the Windsor Sportsmen's Club on Dougall Ave. Thursday night, voting almost unanimously to accept an agreement that would see each employee receive two weeks wages for each full-year of service and a prorated amount for any partial-year, and will pay each full-time employee a lump-sum payment of $1,200 to offset lost benefits.

That's according to the Service Employees International Union Local 2's Ted Mansell, who tells AM800 News the promise to explore relocating the store from the Walker Rd. is a big win — he says the union will answer the organizations commitment by halting a call for a boycott of the Salvation Army Kettle Campaign.

"Two weeks' notice and giving the people the minimum under legislation was very un-Christian for an organization like the Salvation Army and they should be practicing what they preach," he says. "Unfortunately it took a threat to do that to bring them back to the table but they came back to their senses and they rolled up their sleeves and we got this closure agreement done. We're very pleased with that."

He says the union will now get busy working on a proposal to bring the store back to Windsor.

"We think it's the Thrift Store's location, they have a single store and it's off the beaten path, we've been telling them for years to move it and they haven't done that. Their answer was let's just close the doors and throw all the long term employees out of work, which obviously upset a lot of people," says Mansell. "We still wish it didn't come to that but this is the best we could do in a very difficult situation."

The Salvation Army agrees to meet with the union annually to hear proposals for a more viable location, but also leaves the door open for discussion if both sides come up with a plan in the meantime, according to Mansell.

"We're pretty encouraged by that and we think over the long-haul we can convince the Salvation Army that there is a place for the Thrift Store here in Windsor," he added.

Mansell says the severance agreement also stipulates terminated employees will be the first to be considered for any jobs created at a new location.

The Walker Rd. store officially closed Sept. 1 after 23-years of service.