Sandbags Snatched Up Quickly in Kingsville


A new sandbag program in Kingsville to help combat flooding was popular, maybe a little too popular.

Mayor Nelson Santos tells CTV Windsor they didn't anticipate the demand, but will bring more in as soon as possible.

"The first 500 bags that we had put on order and brought to the site were taken by residents within an hour."

The town made the bags available Saturday morning after residents raised concerns over the major flooding that's been taking place in recent months.

Cottage owner Al Schneider it's better late than never.

"I think it's a great idea but knowing the level of the lake they might've thought of it sooner, that's all," he says.

Schneider lives stateside and he wasn't about to leave his vacation home unprotected.

"You can see the waters got really high we actually had to build a dock out here knowing that we'd be leaving and we need something to protect the cottage."


A flooded yard along Cedar Creek in Kingsville on Saturday July 13, 2019. (Photo by CTV Windsor's Alana Hadadean)

Resident John Graham is fearful of what the future may hold.

"I've seen it in the '70s with a canoe in the street and I'm sure the town has and it will happen again because of how high the water is," he added.

Sand is still available in the Cedar Beach parking lot for those have their own bags that need to be filled in the meantime.

Santos says more bags have been ordered and should be available to residents later this week.

— with files from CTV Windsor's Alana Hadadean