Sandwich Roundabout Artifacts Prompt Call For Site Protection

Artifacts found at the archaeological excavation of the Sandwich Roundabout in Windsor have prompted a call for better protection.

Consultation Manager of the Walpole First Nation for the dig, Dean Jacobs says the items tell a story of his people.

Jacobs says it's good provincial legislation demands such archaeological examinations but he says the rich findings, from such a small site, point to a need to protect areas near waterways.

The artifacts show how long First Nation people have lived in this region," says Jacobs. "This is such an important site for traditionally for our ancestors and still today.  It was the crossing of our historic travels by the waterway.  This was our place one of our stopping places in our traditions of migration."

Jacobs says these items need to be shown to the world. "I think it's an opportunity for us and a real responsibility to not only do the archaeological investigation but celebrate the artifacts and bring them to light because we're still here."

Jacobs says we've lost a lot of archaeology and this site shows what can be found almost anywhere.

He says the Walpole First Nation will also participate in the archaeological dig associated with the new span of the Ambassador Bridge.