Sandwich Town Dollarama Gets Final Approval

Final approvals are in place to rejuvenate a vacant Sandwich Town storefront.

Construction is expected to begin soon at the former Westside Foods Olde Towne Grocer which has been empty for more than a year.

If all goes to plan, a Dollarama store will be operating out of the space by Christmas.

Fabio Costante is the city councillor for the ward and says, while this doesn't fully address the need for a grocery store in the neighbourhood, it will bring life back to the large property on Sandwich St.

Councillor Chris Holt took issue with the location of the main entrance which faces the parking lot calling for it to be moved to the front of the building to better align with urban design concepts for a more walkable community.

The developer estimated moving the door could cost as much as $50,000 and Holt's concerns were ignored.

Costante says the position of a door is no reason to scare away development.