School Boards And CAS Receive Funding

The Ministry of Education is providing more than $300,000 in funding to the Greater Essex County District School Board, the Windsor-Essex Catholic District School Board and the local Children's Aid Society.

The money will be used to provide transportation alternatives for students who are in CAS care.

Public school board Superintendent of Education for Student Well-Being Sharon Pyke says different transportation options will now be offered to a student in care, if he or she has to change their residence during the school year.

"It could be to change a bus stop," says Pyke.  "It could be for kids driving by cab or maybe through foster parents or volunteer drivers coming from CIS, all different options for them to make sure we get back their school."  

Pyke adds the funding will allow students to stay in their existing school.

"The realities of it was sometimes kids had to move so when they're being moved from their family home or from one foster home to another foster home then we were just adding to another transition for them," says Pyke.

The Boards and the CAS say graduation rates are a key indicator of the importance of the funding with the Ontario average at 85% compared to children in care at 46%.