Search and Rescue Skills Tested On The Detroit River

Eight law enforcement agencies from Canada and the U.S. joined H.M.C.S. Hunter for a weekend training exercise on the Detroit River.

Lieutenant Commander Robert Head says Operation Border Sentinel is important to maintaining strategic partnerships.

"We are literally about a mile away from the U.S. border and there's multiple agencies that share the same operational space. So in times of crisis or contingency it is very important to communicate with each other, to understand each others roles and responsibilities," he says.

He says the maneuvers are integral to keeping everybody sharp in the event they'd need to coordinate for a major emergency.

"The training exercise is designed to improve the skills of all agencies involved," says Head. "Our first priority is to refresh our boat handling tactics and skills. It is an essential core skill that is required with Royal Canadian Navy personnel. But secondly, again, is to build on the strategic partnerships and relationships that we have developed particularly since moving from 960 Ouellette Ave. to 90 Mill St."

Head told AM800 News agencies have been getting together for the past eight years, this is the largest turn out to date.