Second Time Around for New Amherstburg Logo

Officials in Amherstburg would like to hear from the public.

The town is holding a public engagement meeting Saturday from 12pm until 2pm at the Libro Centre.

Mayor Aldo DiCarlo says the meeting will focus on the town's new logo and re-branding strategy.

He says Cinnamon Toast New Media will showcase a couple new logo options for the municipality.

As heard on AM800 news last month, council asked the marketing team to head back to drawing board after the original concepts and tag lines were turned down.

DiCarlo says it's hard to predict how the turnout will be.

"The open house is another opportunity for the residents to give feedback regarding the town's logo and the re-branding we're in the process of doing," says DiCarlo.  "We are also meeting with the Heritage and Parks committee before the public meeting as well just giving everybody an opportunity for more feedback."      

He says the public has already given feedback and ideas to the marketing company.

"We did have a couple public meetings way back during the term of the last council where the public was invited to give ideas and provide some direction to the people from Cinnamon Toast there and what they brought back was based on the feedback they received then," says DiCarlo  

DiCarlo says some residents were not pleased with the first logo presented.

"I guess the response was not was not what everybody was hoping for but in their defence I think it did capture some of the components that people want to see in it and at the very least they got a couple more and everybody will have an opportunity to have a look at them," says DiCarlo.   

The logo and branding strategy is expected to return to Amherstburg council on February 25.