Security Expert: If You're Not Home During March Break, Don't Post It Online

Residents in Windsor-Essex are advised to watch what they post online before going away on vacation this March break.

A local security expert says for those who think their homes may be safe, their social media accounts may say otherwise.

Steve Kolobaric of Weiser, a lockset manufacturer, says criminals often look to social media to see who is away from their homes.

He says an innocent post can turn your home into a target.

"What we try to tell people is to stop tweeting and sending out status updates on Facebook and Twitter and all those various social media platforms before you leave for your trip. That is the number one rule. Yeah, it's exiting to tell people, but once it is out in the public and you do not have your security settings in check, everybody knows what is going on."

Kolobaric adds even private posts can easily become public.

"You know nothing is safe anymore when you think about it. Once posted, it is always posted. So it is those retweets and those shares and all those cool things that you are sharing that really open you up for danger."

Kolobaric says if people really want to share their vacation experience with others, they should wait until they get return home.