Sellick Plant Road Dispute Resolved (VIDEO)

Essex Town Council is one step closure to granting a Harrow business access to a much needed road.

Sellick Equipment Limited's new facility has been waiting to use the Clark St. extension near Roseborough Rd. to move machinery for months.

The road is currently owned by a developer who doesn't want the truck traffic due to liability issues.

As it stands, the road would not revert to the town until Aug 15. The By-law brought before council would see that date moved to June 19. 

Councillor Sherry Bondy says the town did the right thing by moving things forward.

Bondy says Sellick's offered up a "assurance" in the form of cash to help persuade the town to move forward.

After some debate council decided to wave the monetary guarantee.

"Originally Sellick's came up with the idea to give $20,000 to the town as part of a buy in. Saying, we want to use the road, we'll even fork over some money in terms of liability," says Bondy. "Tonight it was discussed, and really, is that really needed? At this point administration and the majority of council were on board to say we don't need that."

She told AM800 News the road can handle heavy trucks, but Sellick's already made assurances that make the money unnecessary.

"The road has been built to the standard that it needs to, we had great contractors do the road and we're not heading into winter. I'm really confident that road is going to hold up," Bondy says. "The Sellicks also did say, if there is some damage to the road, they would come up with the money and fix it."

Councillor Bill Caixeiro was the lone councillor opposed.

He says granting the request without the "assurance" might have other developers knocking on the door in similar situations, and that's not a precedence he wants to set.

"I don't think it would have hurt Sellick's in any way. Opening an industrial park, it was a learning curve for us, there were maybe some things we should have done that we didn't," Caixeiro says. "I'm certainly not upset that the roads being opened, but I think it would have been a better practice to retain that $20,000 for a couple months."

Sellick is Canada's manufacturing forklifts out of Harrow for the past 47-years.