Sentence Passed In Largest Local Fentanyl Bust

The Amherstburg woman charged by LaSalle police with drug trafficking in the largest Fentanyl bust at the time has been sentenced.

21-year-old Jill Gignac pleaded guilty to possession for the purpose of trafficking and several breaches of conditions.

The judge compared her selling fentanyl to Russian Roulette, where she supplied the gun and ammunition the drug user would be pulling the trigger.

Her attorney, Laura Joy, says Gignac is emotional about the sentencing.

The Crown had been asking for 10 to 12 years, Joy requested three to four years and says it is a balanced decision reached by Justice Marion.

"The judge kind of comes down in the middle, and she was sentenced to a further six years," says Joy "It was an overall sentence of seven years giving enhanced credit for pre-trial custody"

Joy says an aggravating factor was that Gignac continued selling drugs after her initial arrest.

"We had her on bail and then being charged with the possession for the purpose of trafficking as relates to the fentanyl," says Joy "And then while on bail for the fentanyl trafficking as well as the other trafficking information approximately five days later we had a re-offence with more fentanyl"

Joy says Gignac has been taking advantage of programs at the Southwest Detention Centre.

"She understood what she was facing," explains Joy "She demonstrated remorse by her guilty plea at the Ontario Court of Justice level. She is indeed very remorseful, this young woman will go on to lead a very productive life."

The volume of the fentanyl is significant: more than 90 pills and capsules; 100 grams of powder and eight patches.

There was also a quantity of oxycodone, marijuana and scales seized in the police raid.