Sentencing Hearing for Final Suspect in Vicious Windsor Assault

A sentencing hearing has been held for the sixth and final suspect in a horrific forcible confinement case in Windsor.

In May 2017, a 19-year-old woman was held captive for 3-4 days. 

She was beaten, shot repeatedly with a BB gun and suffered serious injuries.

She was found in a home on Lincoln Rd.

The defence and crown are asking for a 90 day jail sentence, to be served on weekends, for 23-year-old Jessica Millar who pleaded guilty to assault with a weapon and assault.

Court heard Millar's role in the crime was minor and she was not the ring leader.

The victim was assaulted because she had allegedly had sexual relations with a minor who was known to one of other suspects.

A witness who came across the crime scene, Bridget Obirek called AM800 News in 2017 and said she couldn't believe what she saw.

"They cut off all her hair. All her hair was sitting on the floor in a pile of blood.  She had a huge gash on the back of her neck and head and I said this woman needs an ambulance," she said. "She [the victim] turned around and looked at me, her face was mangled, I started crying on the spot, it was so horrific, it was so horrible and I don't know what happened to me and I just went blank."

The other five suspects in the case have already pleaded guilty and have been sentenced.  Christopher Lucier was sentenced to four years in prison, Nicole May was given 15 months in jail, Marcus Scott was sentenced to nine months in jail and Samantha Watson was sentenced to six months.

Back in December 2017, Cody Carrington was also sentenced to nine months in jail after he pleaded guilty to assault with a weapon.

Millar told the court, "I know what I did was wrong and I learned my lesson."

Justice Kirk Munroe will hand down his sentenced on Friday, March 8th at 3pm.