Several Recommendations Made After Inquest Into Roofing Deaths

A jury in Chatham ruled the unrelated deaths of three roofers in the region as accidental.

The inquest looked into the deaths of 19-year-old Windsorite Michael Maukonen — who died six months after he fell from a roof at a home on Menard St. while disposing of shingles in December 2015 — John Janssens, 73, of Wallaceburg died in January of 2016, and 56-year-old William Swan of Inwood passed away in May 2017.

The five-member jury heard from 14-witnesses over three days and took a day to deliberate.

A total of nine recommendations were made to the Ministry of Labour, the Infrastructure Health and Safety Association, the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing, the Ministry of Education and construction companies.

In the list they recommend equipping investigators with telescopic lenses and drones to assist investigations and funneling revenue from fines to the Ministry of Labour to fund construction safety awareness.

Construction companies are also recommended to provide work type specific training annually to employees and they supply CSA approved safety gear.