Sexual Assault Trial Wraps up for Former Kingsville Fire Chief

Both sides have presented their final arguments in the sexual assault trial of former Kingsville Fire Chief Bob Kissner.

The defence claims nothing criminal happened between Kissner and the eight complainants, but the crown disagrees.

Assistant Crown Jennifer Holmes says Kissner 'abused his position of authority.'

She says 'good people, sadly but often, do bad things' pointing to priests in the Catholic church and even Bill Cosby with his role as Cliff Huxtable.

"Four boys, who don't know each other, all say the same thing.  What is the likelihood of that?" asked Holmes.

Defence lawyer Ken Marley argued although the touching may have been inappropriate, it wasn't criminal.

Kissner testified that any sexual activity with the adult complainants was consenual and the massages on the minors were not sexual.

Marley says Kissner's testimony during the trial was honest.

The 62-year-old former fire chief is charged with 17 sex-related offences including sexual assault, sexual exploitation and sexual interference.

The judge will hand down her decision on April 16th.