Shift To Automation Is Creating jobs For Windsor Robotics Firm

A Windsor-based robotics firm sees opportunity from a report on the impact of automation on manufacturing jobs.

The head of the federal government's economic growth advisory council - Dominic Barton - says 40% of existing jobs in Canada will disappear in the coming decade due to increased automation.

Shelly Fellows, Vice President of Operations at Radix Incorporated says they're hiring at an increased rate because of demand for robotics and automation.

She says the robotics industry requires a variety of skills: "we employ the skilled trades, electricians, the machine builders, the millwrights, machinists, electrical designers, software developers, robot programmers who design and program and build these advanced pieces of technology that are being used by manufacturers"

Fellows says the Windsor Essex area is positioning itself well for future employment opportunities with St. Clair College and the University of Windsor focused on designing educational programs that will train the students who will be their future employees.

She says while some jobs are going away, there are employment opportunities because they need people to build and maintain the robotic equipment.

Fellows says the workplace is evolving and people need to adapt to that change.

She points to a number of people at Radix who have retrained later in their careers.  She says they bring a level of experience and maturity to the workplace.