Shipping Containers Cause Stir In Tecumseh

Shipping containers in residential areas are causing a stir in Tecumseh. 

Council met with members of the community Tuesday night to discuss the use of the containers in the town. 

Administration is suggesting a bylaw banning the containers from commercial and residential properties.

The proposed bylaw however, would allow the containers on industrial properties. 

Councillor Andrew Dowie says residential shipping containers do not fit in with the style of the town. 

"The question is does it blend into our neighbourhoods," says Dowie. "If you are going to have it you almost need a district that is going to support it. The way we have laid out most of our residential properties and commercial properties, does not allow that style to really fit in."

Dowie says if the bylaw passes, people could still apply for exceptions. 

"For the time being they are best suited for industrial properties," says Dowie. "Having said that, I would be open to working with someone if they had a really cool concept that would fit in with the look of the town." 

Dowie says council will make a decision on the proposed bylaw in the coming weeks. He says if the bylaw passes people will still be allowed to have containers on their property, but for no longer than two weeks.