Shortage Of Police Officers Looms: Windsor Police

In addition to a rising crime rate, another challenge looms for Windsor police and that's finding good quality candidates to hire.

The Windsor Police Services Board has heard about a shortage in the number of people going into policing.

Chief Al Frederick says locally, officers are retiring when they are eligible to retire plus there is a shortage of 'good quality candidates.'

Frederick says hiring less qualified people is not an option.

"We have always hired maybe between 20 and 30 a year and good quality candidates, again our standards are extremely high, so we don't want to lower our standards," he says.

Right now, there are about 430 Windsor police officers and Frederick says for now, that's on target but in the future, but expects it may be difficult to have that many officers based on recruitment challenges.

He says people are shying away from the industry.

"Maybe the image of policing where it is a difficult job and there are certain challenges for our officers with stress that maybe people are reconsidering," says Frederick.

The city recently announced the creation of the 'Problem Oriented Policing' unit to hired 12 new officers to focus on crime in the downtown core.

It takes six to nine months to recruit, hire and train new officers.