Sign Company Wants To Convert A Billboard To A Digital Billboard

A well-known sign company is looking to partner with the city.

Pattison Outdoor Advertising wants to convert one of its billboards in the 3100 block of Walker Road near the E.C. Row Expressway to a digital billboard.

Sid Catalano is Director of Legislation with Pattison's central region.

He says the billboard would include multiple images and would rotate every eight to 10 seconds.

Catalano says there is already a billboard at the proposed site.

"There's a four board sign right there so the idea was to, reduce the size and come up with a digital so you could actually provide or get more customers," says Catalano. 

The conversion would cost Pattison $90,000.

Council debated the issue last night but it was ultimately deferred.

The issue will return to council on March 27th.