Smokers Unhappy With New Hospital Rules

Smokers don't seem to be too impressed with a Windsor Regional Hospital rule change doing away with smoking.

Starting January 1, 2018 all smoking is banned on hospital property and the fine for doing so is more than $300.

Randy Easter, 59, of Windsor says he's smoked his whole life. He disagrees with the idea of having smokers move out of the hospital's current designated smoking area.

"First of all you're putting it on the sidewalk where children are allowed to walk," says Easter. "Plus you've got all these vehicles and I'd rather smoke than smell all those vehicles and to have these kids exposed to it."

Easter says the designated smoking areas do exactly what they're supposed to — keep the smoke away from those who don't like it.

"I have no problem coming over here I'm not bothering anybody here," says Easter. "The only people who come here are smokers, so if it's bothering somebody I'll move."

Valerie Cesnulis is a unit clerk at the hospital who sees problems when patients have to leave the property to smoke.

"They don't like it because they have to go further, and they don't like it because you have patients who are out here they've got IV poles and everything else out there," says Cesnulis.

Cesnulis is a smoker and says her co-workers who smoke are not happy about the impending change.