Smooth Sailing Expected For Tunnel Bus On A Busy Sports Night

Transit Windsor says it's ready for a busy night for sports fans heading to Detroit even though the Windsor-Detroit tunnel will be closed for repairs for the return trip.

The Lions season opener is Monday night at Ford Field while the Tigers take on Houston across the street at Comerica Park.

Executive Director Pat Delmore says it's not the first time multiple events have sprung up since repairs began on the tunnel and using the Ambassador Bridge to return riders hasn't had a huge effect on routes.

"It has worked out very well and it is also alleviating a lot of the stress from all the vehicles that are now forced to go to the bridge," he says.

The tunnel closes at 8pm Monday through Thursday for renovations that are supposed to be done this fall.

Just like any time thousands of people may be crossing the border, by car or by bus, Delmore says to get there early and be patient.

"It does add some additional time, we tell people to come a little bit early and be prepared for a little bit of delays because it does take us a little bit longer to get buses through and get them back."

Delmore says previous numbers on multiple event days will make it easier to ensure there are enough resources.

"For the return event we know how many people we've taken over and we do our best to have that many buses there to get everyone back in one quick move," he says. "It usually works out quite well."

Special event service continues for 30 minutes following games and concerts. Transit Windsor will use the Ambassador Bridge trips returning after 8pm and advises riders to return to the pick-up point as soon as the games are done.