Sneak Peak at Floating Dock Design for Windsor Marina


Residents who want a sneak peak at the design of the proposed floating docks at Lakeview Park Marina should attend an open house Monday.

It is set for Lilly Kazzilly's on Riverside Dr. E. from 5pm to 7pm.

The docks at the marina are closed this season because of high water levels — it's the first time in its history the city closed the marina because of water levels.

Last month, city council approved spending $3-million to replace the docks with floating docks.

Work is underway with engineers to come up with the most effective design which will be on display for residents and users to comment.

Windsor's Coordinator of Community Sports Services, Trese MacNeil says there has already been some input into the design.

"That design, it has resulted from proposed drawings from options and information from the public and our boaters," she says.

MacNeil says the floating docks improve safety for boaters.

"It is not just the high water levels that it would be helped with, but low water levels as well so as the water levels fluctuate, up or down, the floating dock goes with it," she says.

MacNeil adds that the project should go out to tender in August.

In May, officials decided to close the 200 recreational boat slips for the entire season as they were deemed unsafe — costing the city an estimated $300,000 in revenue.

The fuel docks and launch ramps will remain open.