Solcz Family Foundation Helps Out Kids Camp At The Children's Aid Society

Kids at the Windsor-Essex Children's Aid Society are going to camp.

The "Fresh Air" Summer Camp program was falling short of its fundraising goal by about $30,000.

Thursday morning, the Solcz Family Foundation stepped up to the plate and donated $50,000 to the cause which sends 350 children to a number of day, recreational and overnight camps each year.

"When we see there is a need in Windsor-Essex, we just want to step up and help because we are very fortunate to have the opportunity to do that and be in a position to give back," says Foundation Executive Director Kyrsten Solcz who volunteered as a mentor at the CAS in the past.

CAS Interim Executive Director Terry Johnson says the donation not only helps the camp program, but also other programs that may have been at risk due to the shortfall.

"We were going to send these kids to camp regardless,we would have figured it out how to do it," says Johnson.  "But this helps us support the camp program and not feel like that we might have to compromise other programs."

The St. Clair College Alumni Association donated $10,000 in late June, so CAS Interim Executive Director Terry Johnson says the camp program is in good shape for next year too.