Solid Waste Authority Still Waiting For 2017 Budget

The Essex-Windsor Solid Waste Authority continues to operate without an approved 2017 budget.

General Manager Eli Maodus says an ad-hoc committee consisting of representatives from both the city and county continue to work on the document. "I've had communication with the CEO's from the City of Windsor and the County of Essex and they've assured me that they're close to an agreement on a recommendation that they can make to their respective councils regarding the matter."

"We're able to continue on with providing the service to the Essex-Windsor residents, there's no impact on our ability to sustain the operations and to pay for the programs that we deliver," says Maodus. "We're earning revenue, there's non municipal revenue that we earn, so that helps with covering the expenditures."

Despite progress being made, Maodus says it will still be roughly a month before the budget is presented to both the city and county councils. 

County council rejected the original draft budget called for a 0% increase in both 2017 and 2018.