Some Attention For Healthcare's Unsung Heroes

It's about celebrating unseen lab professionals.

Medical Laboratory Week has come to a close, recognizing lab workers who do the patient tests and those who conduct the testing in the lab.

Director of Regional Lab Services at Windsor Regional Hospital Jeff Booth says patients mostly deal with nurses and doctors, but there is a host of professionals behind the scenes that patients benefit from.

"Traditionally, medical lab professionals operate behind the scenes doing all kinds of testing in order to provide vital information to help to take care of patients," says Booth.

He says the people behind the scenes are a vital cog in diagnosing a patient.

"Most people are familar with our staff who are collecting blood at the bedside or if you are out at a clinic, usually at the draw station but there are several other people involved in the actual, preparation, testing and reporting," says Booth.

There are 130 workers between both sites at Windsor Regional Hospital, servicing not only Hotel-Dieu Grace Healthcare but Leamington District Memorial Hospital as well.