Special Pizza Delivery

Not your typical pizza delivery.

Bob Abumeeiz is the owner of Arcata Pizzeria in south Windsor (Dougall Ave near West Grand Blvd) and says he recently received a call from a man in Plano, Texas asking if he could ship three king size pizzas to the Lone Star State.

Abumeeiz says he got in contact with UPS and was told it would cost $206 to ship the pies.

He says the man agreed to pay $145 for the pizzas plus shipping.

Abumeeiz says he has shipped pizzas to western Canada and California but never to Texas.

"This lady called along time ago and she wants to surprise he husband who is from Windsor, his 40th birthday and she ordered two medium pizzas from San Jose, California," says Abumeeiz.  


Photo courtesy of Google Maps

Abumeeiz adds he is thrilled to put Windsor pizza on the map.

"We do take pride in what we do here," says Abumeeiz.  "We do have a good product and whatever puts Windsor on the map in a positive way we're all for it."

Abumeeiz says the pizza will be shipped on Thursday and will arrive in Texas on Friday.

It's about a 19 hour drive to get to Plano from Windsor.

Plano is about 20 miles from downtown Dallas.