Spring Opening Planned for Downtown Amherstburg Brewery

A new craft brewery is coming to downtown Amherstburg.

The Lot 10 Brewing Co. has received final approval from the town to be able to serve beer by the glass when it opens up shop later this spring.

Located at 263 Dalhousie St., mayor Aldo DiCarlo says it's a perfect addition to Amherstburg's ever-evolving downtown.

"At the end of the day, the simple answer is more businesses in the Town of Amherstburg. They are doing it because they feel comfortable that it will be a success. They've been working on it for some time now and jumping through all the usual hoops, but it looks like everything is in order and they should be on track to open very soon."

He says the new brewery will fit in nicely with the town's many festivals as well.

"I think you couldn't have a better location for something like that. The last couple of years our festivals have gotten very big, the numbers are huge, and one of the problems we've realized is that all our businesses down there are doing so well we're running out of places to put people."


263 Dalhousie St. will be the location for the new Lot 10 Brewing Co. in Amherstburg (Photo courtesy of Google Maps)

DiCarlo adds, with hotels and condos on their way to the core, developers and business owners want in.

"After the announcement of the hotels and the condos, it has really ramped up. The amount of developers I'm hearing from, they're essentially fighting for property at this point. Property that people were sitting on, as I understand it, they all now want to develop. So we've got a good problem going."

Lot 10 Brewing Co. is expected to be open for business in April or May and will offer a selection of craft beers and ciders as well as a small food menu.

While it's the first brewery located downtown, Amherstburg also offers GL Heritage Brewing Company, Lonsbery Farms Brewing Co. and whisky and vodka producer Wolfhead Distillery.