St. Clair Celebrates 100,000 Graduates

St. Clair College Alumni is celebrating 50 years and is now 100,000 strong.

The college hosted its 50th convocation and graduated its 100,000th student on Wednesday evening in a ceremony held at the St. Clair Centre for the Arts.

Emily Wiebe earns the honour, graduating from the medical laboratory technician program.

Wiebe completed her program while keeping up with her three children with help from her husband.

She encourages anyone thinking of going back to school to give it a shot.

"You can do it," says Wiebe. "The teachers, staff are great, family is wonderful. Go for it, give it a try."

Wiebe says balancing her classes with work and her family wasn't easy.

"It was a challenge and like I said before, I couldn't have done it without my husband Kevin — he held down the homefront and was a huge support throughout all of it."

Wiebe says being named the 100,000th St. Clair College graduate definitely made the night just a bit more special.

"I was actually confused because they said the [pharmacy technician] program and I'm [medical laboratory technician] — so I was looking around and there's no other Emily Wiebe, so I guess I'm the right one. I was very surprised and shocked."

Wiebe says she returned to school to pursue a new career and already has work in Wallaceburg at Life Labs.