St. Clair College and Wayne State Offer New Educational Options


St. Clair College and Wayne State University in Detroit are making it easier for students to earn a degree.

Both institutions have signed five articulation agreements which allow college students to pursue degrees on the other side of the border.

"I think this gives students options and options are important when you are thinking about your life and your future," says College President Patti France.

The enhanced partnership reduces duplication and saves students time and money.

A student can earn their diploma at St. Clair College and then be transferred to Wayne State University for a few more years to earn a degree.

College President Patti France says this offers students options

"You can get your diploma right away, go to Wayne State, continue on for a 1.5-2 years and get your degree, or get your diploma, work for a while and go back and get your degree," she says. "It is all about lifelong learning and pathways."

Wayne State University President Dr. Roy Wilson says students will be able to build a better and international resume.

"I think right now because of the way the world is and the way education is, you pretty much have to have some sort of international exposure, that's the way business is."

The five articulation agreements are in Accounting, Business Administration, Computer technology, Interior design and Marketing.

Wayne State is holding an open house in November at St. Clair College to answer student questions.