St. Clair College Helps to Boost Organ Donations

Staff and students at St. Clair College are doing what they can to boost organ and tissue donations.

They held a "Be A Donor" kick-off event on Tuesday at the Windsor campus so people can learn more about organ donations, register to be a donor, or even to check their status as a donor.

Event Chair Hannah Russo says there is room for improvement for this region in this category with Windsor ranked 155 out of 170 Ontario communities for registered donors.

She says for the international students, this is about raising awareness about what they can do.

"They can't register but if they have the intention to give an organ, they can let the doctors know they can let their family members know," says Russo.

Gordon Tiber passed by the event and registered.

"It is really a great way to save up to eight lives and a choice now and a quick thing like this can help somebody way into the future" he says.

Ontario residents, aged 16 and up with a valid Ontario health card are eligible to register.